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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Where can I find Red Sox Fabric?

Where can I find Red Sox Fabric?

Red Sox cotton fabric
Now on Etsy

I am always on the lookout for Red Sox craft fabric. 
Email if you are looking for somethings special, I just may have it and not have it listed yet. 

and what to make?  Fabric for Fans, some fabric remnants available at

Made my first badge reel cover.  My badge reels didn't come in yet, but I got the buttons worked out.  Fits perfectly! You can use these to add to your flip flops.  If using the button back, just so through the union on the straps.  If using a flat back, use two pieces of velcro, the rounds work beautifully.

New, just in.  Blue background with Boston B and Red Sox in red, outlined in white.

Red Sox blue background fabric ten piece lot:

 Christmas and Red Sox crafts.

A few more pieces added

  • Red Sox fabric blue background

  • Hanging Sox cotton Red Sox fabric 

  • Fenway Park Red Sox Fabric

  • What are you making for Christmas for your Red Sox fan? Two pieces newly listed 12 x 18 MLB Red Sox white background.
    Red Sox cotton fabric
     Put up a few more batches of red sox fabric remnants at Addoway today.  Time to start thinking about Christmas projects.
    Not to leave out the Boston Bruins cotton fabric I just came across a few pieces of scrap material, the old kind with the white background.  There's a couple of odd ball sizes currently available.
    Another different Red Sox one found recently.
    A monumental day this is! For my first blog I wanted to write about the Red Sox Cotton Fabric because 1st I have a ton of pre-cut fabric for crafts, most of which I am selling for a friend who quit crafting. Seems she got a full time career and enabled me to sell it off. The fabric is so rare and hard to find, I am grateful for getting this together. So if you are looking to find Red Sox fabric, go to There are cycles where lots of people are looking and buying the remnants, so if you do not see what you are looking for, email us.  Chances are  we have more in stock, not published at the time of your visit.   There are different designs available, red backgrounds, blue backgrounds, white backgrounds and the newer green Irish rotary type print. I too am always on the lookout for more designs that crop up locally or while traveling. Together we amassed a stash! I have some Notre Dame fabric and am always scouring for additional hard to find fabric. Most times people want to make a quilt or hat, purse or whatever. You can make aprons, garter belts, scrub hats, luggage tags, the list goes on and on. for one of their family members or friends. Just found another pillow case piece that would be perfect for the center of a quilt today 4.30.11.  
    Sold 4.27.2011
    not stretching like the jerseyish cotton.  Better than the fabric by yard, not as stiff, nice and soft, and easy to work with for sewing by hand or machine. 
    Go Green! Reuse-Reduce-Recycle Fabric such as this can be used for so many purposes- part of the Go Green credo! find your fabric at Bonanzle-.   or rather at at Annapplebonanza. Also available on addodway.  Thanks to ActionHealthyLife for helping me start a blog!


    Action Healthy Life said...

    Go Red Sox! Got your blog up and running- Good Job.

    jessica said...

    hello, do you still have any red sox cottong fabric? i would like to make a pillowcase for a 9 year old's birthday.
    thank you.